Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mobile phone and driving

Today people never leave their home without carrying a mobile phone. There is no doubt of its importance, whereas it has been noticed many people do use their mobile phone while driving the car which is unsafe. In this essay I will argue about banning the mobile phone while driving.

In fact, every argument has two sides whether agreeing or disagreeing. People tend to use a mobile phone all the time everywhere for all circumstances, for instance, emergency cases, business, and connecting people. Today the mobile phone also could be used in the car as a GPS; it stands for Global Positioning System which supplies navigation for your destination. In addition to that most of new cars are equipped with a Bluetooth System, which is an option for using a hands-free phone safely while driving.

On the other hand, it has been proved that using a mobile phone while driving reduces the concentration of being alert to the road which is a great risk to your life and others. There are a huge number of accidents that accrued due to using a mobile phone while driving, which includes holding the phone and using the head-set. The driver must park safely for the duration of holding the mobile phone to avoid hazard.

In fact, it’s possible to multi tasking but not when in danger. In my opinion, I totally agree that using a mobile phone should be banned, although everyone has the right to use it but not while driving because it’s obviously unsafe. I believe that one of the major causes of accidents is using a mobile phone while driving.

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