Monday, April 26, 2010

Economic growth vs Enviromental protection

World-wide economical growth has a huge impact on our environment. In this essay I will discuss whether our main concern should be worldwide money-making or decreasing the rate of global warming.

It’s clear that the economies are expanding for many reasons. Firstly for the money so that people get a chance to survive; in other words the employment opportunities are providing a better life for our children. Secondly, to improve the living standards. Not only that, also the growth in development in the education and technology.

On the other hand this economic growth has a huge impact on our environment. Firstly, the carbon dioxide, which is mainly the result of the manufacturing as well as transportation. In addition it causes a rise in the global temperature. Secondly, it affects the sea level which is due to melting the ice because of increasing the temperature as I have mentioned. Moreover, the rise of sea level will cause floods. Thirdly, rising temperature has led to drought, for example that which is happening in Somalia.

In conclusion, I would say that both sides have important points. But in my opinion I totally agree with economic growth. Because, it’s highly recommended for each family to raise their living standard. That is to include better education and medical, care but the globalization should do the best to reduce these impacts on our environment, to have a great economic future with safe lives.

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