Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nowadays one of the huge issues the people in Abu Dhabi are suffering from is traffic congestion. In this essay I will discuss about the problems and the solutions of traffic congestion that we are facing today.

One of the main reasons for this problem is the increasing of the population in Abu Dhabi. An additional problem is the climate in Abu Dhabi. People often use cars rather than walking because it’s too hot; also the fog during the morning causes low visibility on the road and it’s very possible to cause a traffic jam and accident. Another issue is the construction of new buildings can cause congestion due to the trucks in the town. Another factor is that the number of women driving cars have increased as well as younger drivers.

One of the solutions is that the government should educate the people with the causes and effects of congestion, and the rules of traffic. An example of that enlightenment could be done through TV advertising and programs. Another possibility is the upcoming project of a metro surrounding the Abu Dhabi area which will reduce the number cars on the road. Also to relocate the government departments off the island.

In conclusion, I think the new project of the metro would work best. In my opinion I would say that the government of Abu Dhabi should study changing the timing for the school and colleges so that it reduces the rush hour and traffic jam.

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