Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Housemaid vs Mothers

Nowadays the women are more open minded than before. It’s clear that today the women are getting involved in everything such as engineering, work management and even as officers for the army or the police. In fact some women once they get married prefer to stay at home looking after children rather than working and leaving the housework for the housemaid alone. In this essay I will examine about having a housemaid rather the option of a mother remaining at home.

There are many advantages and disadvantage between mothers that stays at home and housemaid being in charge during the absence of the mother. The housemaids are doing the domestic work plus they are taking care of children. Even in most houses they are cooking. The house maid could be trusted enough to leave her alone with the children and housework.

Although there are a number of advantages there are several disadvantages. The housemaids are not educated enough to take care of the children. Also most of the housemaids are unskilled to do the domestic work. Most of the families suffer because of them in the early years. In addition to that we have heard about so much violence with the housemaids when they look after the children.

In conclusion, I would say that having a housemaid in the home is a good thing; but the housemaid should not be looking after children and cooking because of the lack of experience and they are not skilled and trusted. I totally agree that the mother stays at home looking after the domestic work, because I believe that there is nothing more important in life than having a perfect, safe and successful family.

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