Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The bar chart demonstrates the decline in the percentage of women aged between 15 to 19 who are married in 6 Arab countries. In addition to that there is a table that illustrates the first marriage ages of most middle-eastern countries.

It’s clear that UAE has approached the highest percentage of 57% on the 1970’s. Kuwait and Libya are the next highest percentage with approximately 40% of women, whereas Egypt has almost half that percentage. In 1967 Palestine had 17% and in 1975 Tunisia had 11%. According to the graph Palestine and Egypt have less than 15%. The UAE and Kuwait in 1995 and 1996 approach less than 8%. Libya and Tunisia have one percent. In the other table the ages of first marriages were 24.4 to 29 for men and from 20 to 25.6 for the women.

In conclusion I would say that the percentage of 15-19 years old getting married has fallen in the 6 countries in the bar chart. In fact the age of first marriage for women is now from low to mid-20s in all 13 countries shown in the table.

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