Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Pie chart demonstrates the UK government budget of £315 that was spent in 1996.

It's clear the largest amount of money goes to the social security £100 billion, whereas the health and personal social services have almost consumed half of this amount, at £53 billion. The UK government spent £38 billion on education which is more than £25 billion of debt interest. On the other hand the other expenditure and defense had approximately the same amount of £23 billion. According to the chart £17 billion was spent on law and order which is a bit higher than the money spent on housing, heritage and environment which is £15 billion. Finally £13 billion was spent on industry, agriculture and employment and £9 billion was the lowest amount which was spent on the transportation.

Social security, combined with health, accounted for approximately 50% percent the UK government's budget in 1996.

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